LJE Model Agency

LJE Model Agency specializes in developing the artistry within the models, entertainers, artists or generation influencers to enhance their personal brand and business representation. We help illuminate their natural sense of art and transform them into a multi-purpose asset for the industry.

All clientele are seen as individual cases and each case is given a personalized business plan to succeed. We embrace individuality and construct an efficient platform that not only supports self-sufficiency and long term growth, but also teaches industry knowledge through experience. We don’t want to waste our clients’ time because. Misused time can lead to missed opportunities.

We are an equal opportunity group that represents clientele from all genres, ethnic groups and artistic focuses, including but not limited to: sensual artistry, artistic, commercial, runway, eclectic arts, urban artistry and high fashion. Not only do we develop and train our clients to create their personal brands, but we also manage and help them build a proper platform for accomplishing their goals.

Who We Represent?